National High School Wrestling Rankings: Spring Folkstyle

National Rankings

National Rankings April 11, 2024 Following up on the end of season rankings, we have the first edition of the Spring. This includes Folkstyle Nationals, NHSCA, Reno, and Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic results. There hasn’t been a ton of movement, obviously. But, there has been some. And a few new names scattered throughout, whom I will […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: Preps

National Preps Nationally Ranked Wrestlers If taken as a collective, like any other state, the National Preps have 35 wrestlers ranked, which would come in 3rd behind PA and CA. The contingent is led by Wyoming Seminary, a team that has 10 out of 14 weights ranked. There’s also Anthony Evanitsky, in the honorable mention […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: New Jersey

New Jersey Nationally Ranked Wrestlers Within the group of top 5 states, New Jersey finishes with 23 ranked wrestlers which is good for 4th most this season. Leading the way are Delbarton with 6 and St Joe’s Regional with 4. Both schools finished with 4 state champions. Delbarton is missing Dan Jones from the list […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: Ohio

Ohio Nationally Ranked Wrestlers Coming in with 24 nationally ranked wrestlers, the Buckeye State continues to be among the nation’s best. As we’ve discussed in previous breakdowns, the battle for the #2 spot behind PA is a year-by-year thing. This year that spot appears to be held by California but there is a strong case […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: Illinois

Illinois Nationally Ranked Wrestlers Illinois has the reputation for being the best state in the country when it comes to the international styles. And if there have been some states catching up in freestyle, the state still holds a commanding lead over the rest when it come to Greco. But that’s not to say Illinois […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: California

California Nationally Ranked Wrestlers California as a whole comes in with 36 ranked wrestlers. That number makes it the 2nd most in the country of any state. Pennsylvania with 48 total has the most. However, Pennsylvania’s number is famously split into 2 divisions. California therefore has the most ranked wrestlers in any single division. It’s […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Nationally Ranked Wrestlers Looking at the nation’s toughest state, it gets that recognition for the talent, year after year. This year was no different. As the season wraps up, the Keystone State ends up with 48 total ranked wrestlers (the most in the country) with a division split of 23 in AA and 25 […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: End Of Season (3/18)

National Rankings March 18, 2024 With all the state tournaments done, and the season over, here are the final rankings: top 25 + an additional 10 honorable mentions at each weight. The honorable mentions are in alphabetical order by state.  I have always looked at larger events with more importance, knowing that athletes come in […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: February 15, 2024

National Rankings Feb. 15, 2024 Biggest results were probably Coluccio over Sontz, Gill over Botero, and Burton over Cerchio. We enter the first major weekend of state finals around the country. Lots of shuffling upcoming I would suspect. Support The Nation’s Best Rankings 106 Coluccio beat Sontz. Noble beat Cassioppi. Export XLSExport CSV Rank […]

National High School Wrestling Rankings: February 8, 2024

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National Rankings Feb. 8, 2024 There probably won’t be any notable results until states finish their finals. But I’ll still be publishing weekly updates as I have time to re-evaluate resumes and might still make some shuffling adjustments based on that. Some of that already happened here. We did get some nice matches in the […]

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