PA Power The Surge Recap

So, there wasn’t going to be a crazy amount of intrigue at every weight but there were some possible match ups that had national ranking implications as well as another chance to catch Bo Bassett in action and what’s not to like about that?

National Matches

  • 114: Dom Deputy over Matt O’Neill (6-4)
  • Last time out, O’Neill got the win. This time it was Deputy. O’Neill is one of the top middle schoolers in the country so the win is a good one for Deputy but he just maintains his spot.
  • 121: Nico Fanella over Weston Pisarchick (maj. dec. 10-0)
  • Fanella is one of the “first ones out” of the top 25 so his performance keeps him right on that edge.
  • 133: Bo Bassett over Tahir Parkins (fall; 3:06)
  • This was a national top 10 match up. Parkings won’t fall, just notable for how dominant Bassett continues to be.
  • 139: Mason Gibson over Mason Wagner (3-2)
  • I think Bo and Mason will flip weights eventually. For now, I’ll have them where they are. Wagner was a tough finalist for his first event back but nice to close out the day with the win.
  • 145: Pierson Manville over Jack Consiglio (maj. dec. 11-0)
  • Consiglio wasn;t able to capitalize on any momentum from beating Miller the round before. Manville survived a scare in the quarterfinals but bounced back in dominant fashion.
  • 145: Jack Consiglio over Melvin Miller (3-2)
  • This was one of the more highly anticipated matches of the weekend. Solid pperclassman vs scorching hot freshman. It would be the veteran Consiglio getting it done here.
  • 145: Shane Wagner over Melvin Miller (5-3)
  • I think Miller’s performance is to be expected from a younger kid, especially at a more developed weight. He can win Super 32 and finish 5th at The Surge. He can come back and win Ironman and then who knows. Manville, Consiglio, and Miller will all be in Ohio in December. Plus Jax Joy and a host of others.
  • 160: Asher Cunningham over Cael Weidemoyer (11-6)
  • This one here was probably the most influential on the rankings. At the next update, barring some other notable results, this will be reflected.

Finals Matches

  • 107 Tyler Conroy West Chester, PA (Malvern Prep) MD Eli Herring Saint Michael, PA (Bishop McCort), 12-1
  • 114 Dominic Deputy New Paris, PA (Orchard WC) DEC Leo Pezone Coatesville, PA (Malvern Prep), 7-2
  • 121 Nico Fanella Indiana, PA (TDWC) MD Weston Pisarchick Brockway, PA (Partner Trained), 10-0
  • 127 Nikolaus Oneill Philadelphia, PA (Malvern Prep) F Lucas Fye Karthaus, PA (M2 Training Center), 1:48
  • 133 Bo Bassett Windber, PA (Bishop McCort) F Tahir Parkins East Stroudsburg, PA (Dark Knights Wrestling Club), 3:06
  • 139 Mason Gibson South Fork, PA (M2 Training Center) DEC Mason Wagner Souderton, PA (Faith Christian Academy), 3-2
  • 145 Pierson Manville State College, PA (M2 Training Center) MD Jack Consiglio PA (Malvern Prep), 11-0
  • 152 Trent Hoover Cresson, PA (Penn Cambria) DEC Jackson Butler Windber, PA (Young Guns), 5-2
  • 160 Asher Cunningham State College, PA (M2 Training Center) DEC Cael Weidemoyer Telford, PA (Faith Christian Academy), 11-6
  • 172 Adam Waters Stowe, PA (Faith Christian Academy) F Connor Wetzel Sunbury, PA (Shikellamy), 3:42
  • 189 Caleb Close Snow Shoe, PA (M2 Training Center) DEC Andrew Mcmonagle Williamsburg, PA (M2 Training Center), 3-0
  • 215 Rowan Holmes PA (The Shop) DEC Jason Singer Bally, PA (Faith Christian Academy), 6-5



  • 1Tyler Conroy (MP)
  • 2Eli Herring (BM)
  • 3Emilio Albanese (Grit)
  • 4Dakota Santamaria (YG)
  • 5Brendan Kelly (MP)
  • 6Michael Frye (Miller Wrestling Academy)


  • 1Dominic Deputy (OWC)
  • 2Leo Pezone (MP)
  • 3Matthew O`Neil (MP)
  • 4Braiden Weaver (M2 Training Center)
  • 5Anthony Mucci (Derry)
  • 6Tanner Guenot (M2 Training Center)


  • 1Nico Fanella (TDWC)
  • 2Weston Pisarchick (Partner Trained)
  • 3Yuma Ito (Pitt Bull)
  • 4Lincoln Sledzianowski (BM)
  • 5Calvin Werden (WRA)
  • 6Aiden Kunes (M2 Training Center)


  • 1Nikolaus Oneill (MP)
  • 2Lucas Fye (M2)
  • 3Parker Sentipal (BURG)
  • 4Jason Torres (MP)
  • 5Quinn McBride (PWR)
  • 6Ky Szewczyk (WBRG)


  • 1Bo Bassett (BM)
  • 2Tahir Parkins (Dark Knights Wrestling Club)
  • 3Trey Wagner (Grit)
  • 4Cole Coffin (PWR)
  • 5Christian Ford (Kraken)
  • 6Ashton Romberger (CHA)


  • 1Mason Gibson (M2 Training Center)
  • 2Mason Wagner (FCA)
  • 3Gaven Suica (BURG)
  • 4Tyler Adams (Steller Trained Gold)
  • 5Max Wirnsberger (M2 Training Center)
  • 6Ben fanelli (GMWC)


  • 1Pierson Manville (M2)
  • 2Jack Consiglio (MP)
  • 3shane wagner (FCA)
  • 4Marcus Gable (PO)
  • 5Melvin Miller (BM)
  • 6Ian Vitalo (Undefined)


  • 1Trent Hoover (Penn Cambria)
  • 2Jackson Butler (YG)
  • 3Shuya Miura (Pitt Bull)
  • 4Griffin Walizer (M2)
  • 5Jordan Thompson (BRAD)
  • 6Blake Hostetter (Kraken)


  • 1Asher Cunningham (M2)
  • 2Cael Weidemoyer (FCA)
  • 3Devon Magro (BM)
  • 4Ty Morrison (WPER)
  • 5Terry Langley (WRA)
  • 6carter davis (CY)


  • 1Adam Waters (FCA)
  • 2Connor Wetzel (SHKL)
  • 3Joshua Barlow (Kracken)
  • 4Cody Wagner (FCA)
  • 5Talan Hogan (PWR)
  • 6Tucker Seidel (WPER)


  • 1Caleb Close (M2 Training Center)
  • 2Andrew McMonagle (M2 Training Center)
  • 3Kevin Olavaria (LAW)
  • 4Adin Hastings (Coco Trained)
  • 5Caden Shockey (WBRO)
  • 6Yuya Yoshida (Pitt Bull)


  • 1Rowan Holmes (The Shop)
  • 2Jason Singer (FCA)
  • 3Aiden Hight (CHA)
  • 4Teage Calvin (Quest)
  • 5Riley Cullen (PWR)
  • 6Ryan Dedrick (Scotsman Wrestling Club)


  • 1Nicholas Pavlechko (M2 Training Center)
  • 2Braden Ewing (TYR)
  • 3Joey Baronick (BURG)
  • 4Connor Avery (Scotsman Wrestling Club)
  • 5Frank Barrientos (CHA)
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