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Who The Hell Even Am I &
Why Wrestling Media

I didn’t grow up in the sport. I’m not a lifer by any means. I first stepped on a wrestling mat at 14 on a dare. My ego couldn’t handle being doubted, as if I couldn’t wrestle, man that looked easy as hell. And boy was I wrong. The most humbling experience of my life convinced me to forgo years on the HS basketball team in exchange for years grinding through the hardest sport known to mankind. Even then, I didn’t ever see myself as a wrestler nor wrestling as a thing I would care about post-school. But life is funny that way and here I am. Hoping to provide the community with a platform of quality content and continuing to do my part in helping drive growth of the world’s best sport.

- Jesse

The Approach

The mission is to provide the best possible wrestling content free from bias, outside influence, or drama. I believe I bring a fresh perspective to the sport via storytelling, in-depth articles, and visual content. The athletes and coaches in this sport sacrifice a lot to pursue greatness and it’s my goal to provide quality content that reflects the grind and respects the process.

New Rankings

There are already a few outlets doing rankings. We're another one. But we emphasize the "we" as we expect to build a nationwide committee of invested members of the wrestling community to mitigate biases.

New Stories

I've been telling stories for years, since I was a kid. I enjoy coming up with creative tales and now I enjoy learning about the athletes in this sport and creating some unique content pieces to keep the audience entertained and coming back.


I don't claim to be a journalist, and it's not my intention to prioritize breaking news, but for any news that I do share will be done on a reporting only basis. Sharing news without becoming the news.


Content Contributors And More

It’s my goal to continue adding creators and experts who would like to become contributors to help cover the sport nationwide but from a local view. As we continue to add people to the team, they will be added here. All on the look out for graphic designers, business development superstars, and others who would be interested in joining the movement.

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith

TKDWN Founder
Todd Wightman

Todd Wightman

WPIAL Contributor
Meet Todd Wightman

Based in Western PA. Right in the heart of WPIAL country, Todd brings an insider’s view from the country’s epicenter  of wrestling. He’s excited to build on the TKDWN tradition of starting with the story first. The athletes, the coaches, their families and supporters, there is no shortage of stories to tell. And Todd will bring his unique perspective to help us continue to deliver top notch content for the world’s greatest sport!